portreto-kapsalasJean Louis Capsalas is one of the master chefs who has defined the modern gastronomy in our country. He started by Lyon, in restaurants which have been awarded with three stars by the famous Michelin Guide. In the late 80's came to Greece and worked for more than ten years as premier chef at gourmet restaurants in the northern suburbs and at the center of Athens. At the same time, has a great and long career in catering companies and famous dining places at the coastal zone of Attica.
Since late 2012 has joined «Deipnosofistirion Catering», where the culinary philosophy that he practises, combines classical and modern influences from France (his country), Greece, and the Mediterranean area also. His dishes are the glow of cosmopolitanism and sometimes the simplicity of the Greek tradition. Gentle and full of positive energy, Jean Louis listens to the client's wishes and transform it into exciting gourmet creations.