Combining excellent quality ingredients, culinary techniques, and healthy diet that is also oriented in special conditions, we also provide a “light” menu with nutritional data analysis (calories, cholesterol, fat etc.), specially made for those who want to safely enjoy excellent gastronomy choices, as well as for those with metabolism disorders that are common in the modern way of life (obesity, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, hypertension).

The Composition of the dishes ensures specific number of calories, specific levels of cholesterol, low glycemic index, low quantity of salt.
There are various suggestions that emphasize in one of the aforementioned attributes, according to the needs of the event.
You can choose, for example, a menu that pays special attention to cholesterol or the glycemic index, or you can also combine these parameters. The composition of these menus is carried out with medical guidance and there is a dietary analysis by an endocrinologist on any menu you choose.