We are devoted in providing excellent quality food that contributes to healthy and balanced nutrition for the modern man, while paying respect to the Greek Mediterranean diet model. Consumer’s interest for biological products made it vital for Dipnosofistirion Catering to provide its clients with the ability to choose among menus with biological products or biological ingredients. Their contribution to consumers’ health and well-being makes them extremely attractive! Their increased nutritional value makes them vital for the modern man to gain energy.
You can choose a biological menu, you only have to ask for one!
The enterprise is certified in the Bio Kouzina Gold category, according to the Bio Kouzina standards by BIO Hellas, an approved certification body for biological products, allowing clients to choose a menu that consists exclusively of biological raw material.

Dipnosofistirion, however, is a true lab of high quality products research. Therefore, our staff practically scan every corner of our country and, in cooperation with small-range producers, discover and present us with little gems, rare food and pure prodicts that are biological by nature. This research is constant and defines our
company's food philosophy.





1. «Natura»


Risotto with leeks, fresh tomato, basil and herbs, served with slightly baked Mastelo Chiou cheese


Refreshing salad with greens

Hearts of French salad, rocket leaves, spinach, lola rosso, fresh mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, olives, chamomile, mint and citrus vinaigrette with mustard

Main dish

Oven baked beef with vegetables roots, carrot, potatoes, celery root, fennel in red wine sauce with honey and herbs


Pavlova with lemon, fresh seasonal fruits and lime juice

2. «Gaia»


Tart with seskoula, spinach, fennel, eggs and goat’s cheese


Bio - τηνιακή (gloutein free)

Hearts of French salad, artichokes, caper leaves, hazelnut, parsley, gruyere flakes and olive oil and olive oil with lemon

Main dish

Grilled chicken fillet marinated in white wine, lime zest, mustard, honey and basil, served with tabouleh from groat and chic peas.


Milk pie with pomegrade syrup and caramelized almonds

3. «Thalassa»


Shrimps on the wok with runes, soya, ginger, honey and sesame


Baby spinach, asparagus, sun dried tomato, motsarela buffalo, black and greens olives with basil vinaigrette

Main dish

Sea bass or sea bream, oven baked with estragon sauce, ouzo and mustard


Mocha meringue with hazelnut and coffee scented syrup

Choices for biological buffet


Smoked aubergine dip in shots with mini sesame cracker

Sweet trahana soup with foam from tomato juice with feta cheese, served in coffee pot

Sun dried tomatoes

Tempura in endives


Mini rolls from thin sliced beef with hoisin sauce

Chicken fillet skewered with yogurt, harisa and sesame

Shrimps with chili, olive oil, garlic and lemon grass

Meat balls with ouzo, mint and cumin

Brochette with grilled pepper, feta cheese and mint

Grilled Haloumi with caramelized onions and hearts of French salad

Pancakes with pears and blue cheese

Pumpkin sticks with cumin and crispy bacon


Seeds and pulses marinated in olive oil and herbs

Mista: Green and red lola, French salada, endives, radicchio, basil and Italic vinaigrette with olive oil and balsamico

Spinach, rocket, green and red pepper julienne, fresh mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and toasted bread with olive oil and oregano

Salad with grapes, melon and feta cheese

Rice salad with crab, banana, grapes and peanuts

Main dishes

Beef with baked tomato sauce, prunes and quinces

Stuffed peppers with rice, raisins and pine kernels

Mini burger with grated foie gras ice cream

Sea bass, oven baked with almond crust

Chicken legs with cranberry sauce

Fillet of chicken with haloumi zest and red pepper sauce

Chic peas with fennel and ouzo


Almond cake with pomegrade syrup

Yogurt mousse with sour cherry jelly

Tart tatin with quinces and caramelized walnuts

Traditional ‘baklavas’ with pistachios and Greek coffee syrup