In addition to exclusive collaborations for any event, Dipnosofistirion Catering collaborates with a variety of lounges and estates, broadening as a result the choices of the potential customer. These might be estates, wineries, vineyards, cultural sites for art and history that have been selected very cautiously in order to meet all the criteria of aesthetics and quality, but also to represent something unique and special. Examples as follow include the following areas, provided that there has to be an achievement of agreement to occupy the space.

Special Grounds: Zappeion (Center), Byzantine Museum (Center), Numismatic Museum (Center), American School of Classical Studies at Athens - Gennadius Library (Kolonaki), Athens Lawn Tennis Club (City), The Hub Events (Kerameikos) metallurgy (Gazi), 7th Multispace (Constitution), Hypatia Mansion (Kypseli), Centre for Greek Tradition (Center), Image Gallery (Center), Mezzanine (Center), Badminton Theater (Goudi), Enteuktirio Ekalis (Ekali).

Estates and wineries: Tower Petreza (Spata), Ktima Santa Maria (Peania), Land Eupolis (Peania), Land Cleopatra (Koropi) Papagiannakou Winery (Markopoulos), 5 Elements (Varibobi), Polo Club (Tatoi) Hatzidakis Winery (Parnitha), Ktima Gregos (Varibobi), Sailing Academy (Sxoinias Beach), Estate Melagris (Spata)