Our food supply chain facilities are located in Kifissia, occupy 1200 sqm, incorporating the most up graded infrastructure facilities. Our contemporary equipment is based on international standards EN ISO 22000:2005 meets all the requirements of food hygiene and safety as well as those of workers. So, the quality of the goods offered is fully guaranteed.

At the same time, our company has been certified to the "Gold Class" organic kitchen (Bio Kouzina Gold), according to the Bio Kouzina BIO Hellas, the recognized body of organic products certification, offering our customers the possibility to develop menus that consist of certified, organic raw materials.

Caring for the environment, our aim is to alleviate our footprint by implementing a variety of activities, starting from the collection of batteries, paper, glass and plastic for recycling, the whole function passes through the efficient utilization of all available materials that reduce the consumption of electricity, gas and water. We believe to that spirit of entrepreneurship that respects the planet and ensure its sustainability.