Typically, the story of Dipnosofistirion Catering’ begins in 1996 when three individuals join forces to meet their business vision.

Essentially, the “home” of this partnership is found back to their childhood in Mani. Stimuli and performances, memories and smells, tastes and experiments have firstly referred to the place of their origin: a place untouched by the misguided development, with prominent people, a unique land and the sea.

Takis Christofileas, his younger brother Dimitris Christofileas and the cousin Diomedes Kapsalis, apart from family ties, they are associated with the same ideals and principles, follow food and gastronomy values that make the difference in such an industry which everything seems to be alike. Thanks heaven, the personality cannot be copied and there lies the growing momentum and acceptance of the ‘Dipnosofistirion Catering’.

Takis Christofileas is the first “teacher”. Multitalented personality, he becomes from 1986 until 1999, the soul and the mastermind of the restaurant "Panorama Cultural Society" in Kolonaki, a meeting point for intellectuals of Athens. There, he had the opportunity to develop links with exceptional personalities from literature, the arts, politics and every other aspect business. Benign and tireless, methodological and inventive, communicative and fully sincere, understands the nature of his work primarily and that creates relationships that last over the time.

Dimitris Christofileas has unfolded initially his talent in pastry, working in similar businesses. Since 1993 he is found on the side of his brother Takis, in "Panorama", where he dealt thoroughly with gastronomy, as a chef. He carried a gastronomic culture that uses equal doses tradition and new trends, runs across Greece looking for small producers, highlighting the nutritional -and and the value of tastes of bio- products. Cosmopolitan personality, he looks for new trends in food, on trips, in seminars and in the international conferences.

Diomedes Kapsalis joined two brothers, helping to fulfill the vision of the ‘Dipnosofistirion Catering’. He comes from the world of pastry, and he has acquired strong experience being together with well – reputable pastry chefs. Being a lover of the new and innovative he has been involved with the cooking, but also with the whole food supply chain.

All three love good food and share the same vision: The quality, the hellenic tradition, authenticity, originality, sincerity and confidence to transform any social event in a ritual that will delight all the senses. As when he was young and his grandfather taught them -in Kafeneion which was grocery and tavern together- to distinguish the good appetizer, to perceive food as a process of socialization that has to do with the soul rather than the stomach.

And the story continues...