Courses with minced meat

  • Vine leaves staffed with rice & minced meat from Kassos
  • Stuffed cabbage leaves with minced meat and egg & lemon sauce
  • Zucchini stuffed with minced meat served with egg & lemon sauce
  • Meatballs (soutzoukakia) from Smirni
  • Eggplants with minced meat, mushrooms & Metsovone cheese


Meat courses

  • Chicken roll stuffed with sundried tomatoes & haloumi cheese
  • Chicken with sweet and sour sauce, colorful peppers & sesame seeds
  • Chicken with cream cheese, carrot & pesto sauce
  • Chicken roll with pomegranate juice & spinach
  • Rooster cooked with sweet fresh onion & tomato
  • Roasted duck with orange & honey
  • Quail stuffed with smoked pork from Mani in pomegranate sauce
  • Quail stuffed with apples & herbs
  • Rabbit cooked in a pot with vanilla & spices
  • Pork loin baked in the oven with mustard & beer
  • Pork cooked with leek & celery
  • Pork loin stuffed with prunes
  • Pork tenderloin with apples & brandy Calvados sauce
  • Pork fillet with orange sauce & balsamic vinegar
  • Pork tenderloin with goat cheese & pink pepper
  • Pork tenderloin stuffed with spinach & cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and cooked in orange broth
  • Wild hog roasted with Currants & cowberry
  • Wild hog roasted with honey sauce, served with mushrooms, caramelized potatoes & figs
  • Beef ragout with zucchini
  • Beef with tomato sauce & eggplant puree (Ηunkiar)
  • Veal cooked with Mavrodafni, plums, apricots & figs
  • Veal filet with kafkalithra or rocket sauce or asparagus pesto sauce, served with sauteed potatoes & grilled vegetables
  • Fillet of veal with “morilles” mushrooms
  • Lamb baked in the oven with potatoe
    Lamb fricassee with artichokes & wild herbs
  • Frame of lamb with rosemary sauce, served with potatoes gratin dauphinois, asparagus & roast pumpkin cubes
  • Rolled lamb stuffed with “katiki” cheese & chard
  • Frame of lamb with schinos sauce, served with potato pancakes, beans, carrots & cauliflower
  • Roasted venison with blackberry sauce, served with thin slices of sweet potatoes
  • Breze shoulder blade deer in red wine with chocolate