Goulandris Museum of Natural History (13 Levidou st, Kifissia) is a public welfare institution, devoted to study, conservation and protection of natural environment. Ever since its foundation (1965) it has mapped a pioneer route, a new rapprochement between man and natural environment. Dipnosofistirion Catering has the exclusive right to organize events at the museum, but also has the daily operation of the coffee "Ammonites" (since 2009) located in the nearby Gaia Centre (Othonos 100) and belongs to the Museum. This places high architectural standards, with references to the environmental theme of the museum and clearly influenced by ecology. All sites below are in the Gaia Centre except the Garden and the Minerals Hall.

Atrium is the name of a closed room 350 square meters. Is itself something special, after hosting the Geosphere, which is unique in the world. Is a hemispherical dome - monitor of 5 meter of diameter and of approximately 40 square meters (m2) of surface. It shows the rotating planet in 225.000 high resolution images. It also presents, in a brief and concise way, the geological evolution of the planet from its creation until today. This space can accommodate up to 400 people (seated) or more than 500 in an event with buffet.

Ammonites cafe
The word "ammonite" indicates the fossil of a marine animal, extremely prevalent on earth a few million years ago and with thousands of different species. The characteristic spiral shape dominates the decor of the homonym café - restaurant, which operates as an autonomous space receptions. Here you can organize discreetly from dinners to children's parties to be combined with educational activities. It is a space with minimalist aesthetic, earthy colors, harmoniously integrated into the philosophy of Gaia Center, which can accommodate up to 80 seated or 100 persons for a cocktail event.

Museum Café-Restaurant
This is the garden that surrounds the Museum (13 Levidou). It consists of a small pond with water lilies, old trees, shrubs, aromatic, medicinal and other plants with a towering cedar at its center. Such as firs, pines, cypresses, olive trees, almond trees, dozens of species of shrubs and herbs, from rosemary to oregano and lavender create a unique atmosphere. It is a place full of natural beauty and rare perfumes which can be the backdrop for an idyllic community events. The capacity can reach to 400 people.

Link: museum-cafe.gr

Minerals Hall
Located in the building of the Museum (13 Levidou) and there are exposed rocks and minerals, mainly from Greece. It is in an area where the geological evolution is presented in a scientific and fun way. The space is ideal for an atmospheric dinner high quality, up to 70 people (seated) and 100 to buffet.

Halls / Rooms and specifications




Type of event

Ammonites Café

80 (seated) - 100 (standing) 

Receptions, cocktail, meal, dinner

Minerals Hall

70 (seated) – 100 (standing)

Receptions, cocktail, meal, dinner

Atrium (closed room)

400 (seated) - 500 (standing)

Corporate events, presentation, etc.


250 persons

Presentations, speeches


400 persons

cocktail, dinner