The main building of the Benaki Museum is housed in one of the few neoclassical buildings that still resist the aesthetic deterioration of postwar Athens. Located at the intersection of the Koumbari Street with Vasilissis Sophias Avenue, in the historic city center, just opposite the green lungs of the National Garden and the garden of the presidential palace.

Dipnosofistirion Catering operates the lounge of the main building from 2000, assuming the Museum events. In this context, has successfully hosted politicians and heads of diplomatic missions from every corner of the earth. Moreover, the space is available for social and corporate events. This is a room with a huge open terrace, overlooking the National Park and Acropolis.

Here are all the rooms of the main building of Benaki museum, which are also available for events.

Halls / Rooms and specifications




Type of event

Café / Restaurant


120 (seated) - 300 (standing) 

Receptions, cocktail, meal, dinner

Café / Restaurant

 (Spring – Summer)

250 (seated) - 600 (standing) 

Supplement space of the amphitheater


120 persons

Corporate events, presentations, etc.


50 persons

Press conferences, presentations, speeches