Cocktail menus


Open Bar for all the cocktail finger food.

Red & White Wine (from our wine list)-beers-fruit juices-soft drinks-refreshments & water including.


Cold canapes, passed around/8 pieces per person without dish

*Brown tramezzini with smoked salmon & cream cheese

*Shrimp with caramelized mango in bamboo sticks and coconut flakes

*Mini lollipops with honey melon and prosciutto

*Skewers with "Pasto Manis" in orange sauce

*Tortilla rolls with chicken, apple & yogurt

*Small pies made from trahanas with tarama salad and peppers

*Variety of sweets (choux, eclairs, truffles)




Cold & hot hors d'oeuvres, passed around 12 pieces per person without dish

*Balic salmon, marinated with citrus & pink peppercorns of Madagascar

*Quinoa salas with avocado, fresh onion, herbs & olive oil in porcelain pot

* Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella & olives in bamboo stick

*Mini brioche prosciutto, rocket leaves & parmesan cheese

*Crusted "pouch" with cheese and herbs

*Mini falafel with hummus dip

*"Tower" of meatballs scented with spearmint

*Mini chicken bites pane with sesame served with chili sauce

*Variety of sweets in shot glasses (chocolate mouse, cheesecake, tiramisu)




Cold & hot hors d’oeuvres, served on a buffet

In small pots/shot glasses

*Gazpacho soup with celery sticks

*“Fava” cream with orange & confit onion

*Shrimps with sweet and sour sauce gozi berry scented with ginger gozi berrys cented with ginger

*Roulade spinach with parmesan cheese marinated in balsamic

*Cherry tomatoes stuffed with feta cheese and basil

*“kaltsounia” with greens & cheese

*Mushrooms staffed with vegetables and parmesan

*Mini chicken fillet skewers with parmesan sauce

*Mini Greek style burger with tomato chutney served with hummus feta cheese & pita bread

*Pork fillet bites wrapped with sweet pepper

*Variety of small sweets

(Mini tarts ,mousse in shot glasses, macaroons)




Cold & hot hors d’oeuvres, served on a buffet

 In a wooden plateau, in old fashion glasses

*Variety of vegetable sticks, bread sticks & crackers served with eggplant, tarama salad & parsley salad dip

*Parmesan rocks, accompanied with crackers, breadsticks, variety of bread & dried fruits

In small pots/shot glasses

*Mini mille feuilles with cherry tomatoes & mozzarella with basil oil

* Salad with lentils, shrimps & kritamo (seafennel)

*Smoked slamon roll panned with sesame and filling of mascarpone cheese

*Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto Parma

*Baby potatoes stuffed with mushrooms & variety of cheece

*Mini quiche with vegetables

*Mini dolmadakia (with vine leaves, rice and mincemeat) from Kassos

*Chicken fillet bite wrapped in prosciutto

*Mini skewers with pork fillet marinated in balsamic, orange, ginger & thyme pesto

*Greek style burger with sauce béarnaise

*Veal fillet bite pane

*Variety of sweets (Variety of mini tarts, Mousse in shot glasses, Macaroons)